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Set ups of string instruments and action:

Generally speaking, high action means strings set far away from the fingerboard and low action means strings set too close to the fingerboard. It is imperative that all instruments be "set up" correctly.
The term means that all the necessay criteria that result in the feel and playability of the instrument and adjustments thereof have been carried out correctly, resulting in good action. This promotes a comfortable feel and the playability of the instrument is a pleasure which then encourages one to want to play more and become a better musician.

A badly set up instrument is most easily identifiable by the "hard to play" high action. These are critical measurements which are fundamental in the outcome of the set up. The string height where the string exits the nut adjacent to the fingerboard or on a fretted instrument, the 1st fret is measurable most times in thous of an inch eg. .008". Other equally important measurements are at the 8th and 12th fret and at the bridge.

The neck adjustments is measureable and is carried out by adjustment of the trussrod. In some instances it is necessary to modify the nut if an acute tuning and intonation problem is being experienced at the frets adjacent to the nut.
The areas on an instrument that often have to be attended to are the nut, the bridge area and the truss rod (if fitted)
On a fretted instrument, it is imperative that once an instrument is set up and the action is lowered, the levels of the frets be checked to ensure that no buzzing or false notes are experienced.

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