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The Guitar Doctor provides the following services to stringed Instruments;

Service of instruments : a full clean up is carried out, frets are cleaned and polished on fretted instruments.
The neckwood is oiled. Action and intonation is attended to.
The pickups and electrics are checked and attended to where necessary.

  • Repairs to electrics - re-wiring and new pots

    and switches.

  • Body repairs and lacquer work, dings repaired

    and touched up

  • Modification to pick ups and electrics

  • Upgrades on hardware and scratchplates

  • Bone nut and saddles handmade for accoustic

   and electric instruments

  • New pegs fitted to string instruments, violins etc

  • Bridge and tails pieces to instruments, violins etc

  • Valuations of instruments carried out

  • Seating of violin/cello pegs to ensure pegs do not slip, which can result in tuning problems

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