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Rob Drake - The Guitar Doctor

Rob has been actively involved in string instrument repairs for approximately 12 years preceeded by 5 years working on his own and friends' instruments. Rob has an engineering background where he specialised in the field of electro-mechanical engineering. He also owned an engineering business for 7 years until he was forced to sell his business because of health problems. Once recovered, he decided that he wanted a small home business specialising in instrument repairs and restoration. He carried out a market survey and found a gap in the market for a dedicated repair person.

Rob Drake playing one of his hand built acoustic guitars.

One of Rob's specialities is strength of materials and the correct bonding of damaged woods and at the same time retaining good resonance in the instrument.

Rob has built several intruments and sold a number of them.
Being from the old school, Rob uses a Micrometer as well as a vernier caliper and dial guage and enjoys the challenge of working in thousandth's of an inch when measuring components.

An average guitar takes about 4-6 months to complete.

Rob is also a professional singer/guitarist.
His passion is playing and singing jazz, blues and party pop songs.
He gigs at different venues in and around Cape Town on a regular basis.

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